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Reiki Treatments & Training

Receiving a Reiki treatment is like getting an "energy massage." It is generally done fully-clothed on a massage table, and experienced as very relaxing. People receive Reiki treatments for many reasons: to relax and de-stress, to assist in the healing of chronic problems, and to increase physical, emotional, and spiritual healing and health.

Due to time constraints I have had to concentrate my Reiki practice on teaching. I am not taking on new clients at this time. However, one of the best aspects of Reiki is that through a 5-hour Reiki I class you can be empowered to heal yourself, friends, family, lovers, pets, and plants -- using your hands -- for the cost of only 1-2 treatment sessions. Reiki is a truly democratic form of healing, available, with practice, to all.

Although I recommend that everyone have the ability to heal themselves, sometimes it is helpful to receive a professional Reiki treatment. Since I cannot take new clients myself at this time, I am referring folks to somje of my best advanced students. They are empathic healers and combine their knowledge of Reiki with other modalities. Victoria Whitfield performs Reiki treatments in Westfield NJ, and for a fee, may travel to your home. She can be reached at 908-361-6376,, or Evelyn is in Scotch Plains, NJ at 908 472-3045. Carol Anne Patterson practices in Cranford NJ and can be reached at 908 230-7036, Please tell them you heard about them from Sea at Experience Reiki!

Learn how to heal yourself, friends, lovers, pets, plants, animals!
Use universal life energy to increase the body's natural ability to heal -- physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

While Reiki may be a particularly useful skill for body workers, chiropractors, physical therapists, nurses, counselors, and other healers, anyone can learn to use this simple method. Reiki is surprisingly easy to learn. What makes the Reiki system unique is that the ability is passed down from master to student through the process of attunements (empowerments). Once attuned, the Reiki practitioner is able to channel energy for self-healing, as well as healing other people, animals, plants, and the planet.

For a full listing of upcoming Experience Reiki classes in Middlesex & Essex Counties of NJ, click here.

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