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Reiki Tithing – 10% to Promote Goodness in the World
Since I began Experience Reiki in 1999 I have set aside 10% of my profits for nonprofit organizations doing philanthropic, environmental, educational, and civic work. Every month I send the money to a different group, though I have given to some organizations multiple times. In the past I have not felt that I should share my tithing publicly. I did not want to cheapen my giving by advertising it. In many ways tithing is a very personal practice for me.

Recently I have felt guided to share with my students about my tithing practice. (Tithing means giving a tenth of your income.) There are many good reasons to promote the practice of tithing. It seems to me that those reasons now outweigh my desire for privacy around the practice.

Why tithe?

One reason to tithe is to enact my desire to make the world a better place. I believe that if we want to see change in the world that it’s our responsibility to be a part of making that change. In the large scheme of things, tithing is a very small commitment to increasing the goodness in the world. Imagine what the world would be like if everyone devoted a portion of their income to feeding the hungry, protecting the environment, public education, sheltering refugees, building and maintaining our spiritual communities, and promoting peace, healing, and freedom.

Another reason I give ten percent is to ensure that – where my Reiki practice is concerned – I am acting from a place of abundance rather than scarcity. Tithing reaffirms my belief that “what goes around comes around.” The practice of tithing helps me to maintain a trust surrounding my Reiki practice, that what I need will be there for me when I need it. In this way it helps me to maintain a business free from some of the negative symptoms of a scarcity mentality. Some of these symptoms include cutting corners that cheapen the Spiritual practice of Reiki. Tithing helps me to maintain my principles in cutthroat world.

Finally, I tithe to dedicate my Reiki practice to Spirit. I believe that the healing work I do is dependent upon the assistance something higher than myself. In this way, tithing is part of a reciprocal relationship with the Divine.

Where to Tithe?

I decide each month where to give based on where I feel guided to do so. Here are some of the recipients of my past giving:

Action Against Hunger

Doctors Without Borders


Heifer International




Antioch College

National Resources Defense Fund

Bnai Keshet


WNYC, National Public Radio

Drug Policy Alliance

NJ Ride Against AIDS

The places where I give may differ from the places you would choose. If this is the case – or even if it is not – I invite you to participate in tithing, or in giving at any level. It may deepen your spiritual practice. It may empower you in the knowledge that you are taking some action to make the change you desire around you. It may help you to maintain an attitude of abundance. And it just feels good.

Healing blessings to all,

C Lynn Carr (Sea)

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