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Take your healing into your own hands!
You lie on the table and close your eyes. Competent, gentle hands barely touch you, but you feel their warmth -- a comfort that comes from more than mere body heat. Stress melts. Muscles relax. Pain eases. Perhaps your spirit even travels.

There is a beautiful, empowering secret your energy worker may not have told you. The healer’s soothing touch is available to you far more inexpensively and easily than you may have ever imagined. For the price of 1-3 sessions on the table and about 5 hours of your time, you can learn to put your hands on yourself, your loved ones, pets, plants, and the planet – and let the healing flow.

Reiki is a particularly accessible healing method. It is surprisingly easy to learn. What makes the Reiki system unique is that the ability is passed down from master to student through the process of attunements (or empowerments). Although practice will increase a Reiki practitioner's power in healing and in feeling the healing energy, Reiki students generally leave their first attunement class able to channel energy for healing themselves and others.

For several years I was blessed to have an active professional Reiki healing practice. I had the opportunity to touch a great variety of bodies and spirits on my Reiki table. Yet, I would constantly sabotage my business by letting my clients in on the secret: They could see me every week or every month, or they could take my class and work on their own healing every day, all day, for as much time as they had to put their hands on a needy chakra.
I especially recommend Reiki classes to those who have chronic health problems. That way they may work on their own healing on an intensive, consistent, daily basis. Take your healing into your own hands!

Yet Reiki is also a useful skill for most of us in this busy, workaday world. What better way to relax at the end of the day than hands-on healing – whether it’s on the train ride home from work, with your feet up while watching your favorite television show, or putting yourself to sleep at night. Who doesn’t need the ability to sooth a headache or muscle strain, or to release negative emotions or stress?

You don’t even have to fire your table healer. There’s nothing like the luxury of a professional treatment. Professionals generally have expertise and experience difficult to achieve for most who cannot devote themselves to full-time healing. But for the daily ability to de-stress, detoxify, and make progress against the constant encroachment of dis-ease, there’s no substitute for self-healing – for you and those around you.

You lie back against the pillows and close your eyes. Placing your hands on your head, you have no fear of the sleepless night that plagues so many. The healing warmth flows through you. You feel light-filled and protected. You have given yourself the gift of peace.

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