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Reiki Attunements - The Dawn of a Healing Voyage
Most of the Reiki stories or testimonials I have heard have concerned hands-on or distance healing. I too have experienced what might be considered "miracles," using Reiki in this way.

While Reiki is not a substitute for medical attention, as a Reiki practitioner and master, I have had the great opportunity to experience healings of cancer, herniated discs, torn parts of knees, fractured sternums, and more. I have seen clients and friends have emotional releases; I have had some myself. And I have used Reiki for myself and others beneficially on a daily basis, while watching TV, on trains and long car rides, during meetings and classes, wherever and whenever I could place my hands on a needy chakra. I have used Reiki to put myself to sleep at night, to soothe headaches and menstrual cramps, to get through a broken heart, and to de-stress.

But what I think is the greatest benefit of Reiki is the attunement itself. The attunement is also called an "empowerment" or an "initiation."

Not only do Reiki attunements allow a person to channel universal life energy ("chi," "prana," "The Force") for healing oneself and others, but each attunement commences a journey of healing.
The Reiki I attunement initiates a three week (or so) long course of physical healing. The Reiki II attunement is the catalyst for a 3-6 month process of emotional healing. The Master level attunements are the dawn of a year-long voyage of spiritual healing.

Each time I have been attuned, it has been the beginning of an incredibly powerful process of healing. I received Advanced Reiki and Reiki III attunements at the end of December 1998. This launched an amazing trek for me a spiritual ride that has not yet ended. I moved across the country twice, let go a painful love situation, began a Reiki practice, and dumped years worth of emotions I had been carrying in my body and spirit that had been hindering my growth.

For those who haven't yet experienced Reiki attunements, I highly recommend them. Be prepared for an incredible journey!

Healing blessings to all,

C Lynn Carr (Sea)

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