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Reiki II Classes & Trainings

Increase and focus your healing power!
Classes include 5 hours of training, handouts, attunement, and certificate.
Classes offered in West Orange & Metuchen.
Individual trainings are also offered by appointment in West Orange.

Reiki II classes and Individual trainings are a powerful next step in your Reiki healing journey, for those who have received Reiki I training.

Look, ma, no hands!
Expand your Reiki repertoire with symbols, emotional & distance healing, crystals, and Reiki meditation.

Experience Reiki II classes are 5 hours long with a maximum of 9 students. Individual Reiki II trainings are 2.5 hours long with 1-2 students. Preferring a 3-level system (Reiki I, II, and III), Experience Reiki II training includes what some teach as Advanced Reiki Training. The training attempts a balance between keeping Reiki accessible (in terms of time and money) and offering enough training so the attunement and training is useful to students of healing.

The Reiki II class includes:

  • The Reiki II attunement
  • Handouts with information on using the Reiki II symbols, distance healing, using crystals with Reiki, constructing and charging a Reiki Crystal Grid, and practicing the Microcosmic Orbit Meditation
  • Interactive discussion and lecture
  • Reiki II certificate of completion

Topics covered in the Reiki II class:

  • What makes Reiki II different from Reiki I?;
  • The 3 Reiki II symbols, their meanings and use;
  • Distance Healing;
  • Using Crystals with Reiki;
  • Constructing a Reiki Crystal Grid for continuous distance healing; and
  • Reiki Meditation.

Individual Reiki II Training

Sea also offers individual Reiki II training, by appointment, for those who have received in-person Reiki I attunement & training, who prefer individualized instruction for 1-2 people, or who cannot attend the scheduled Reiki II dates. Individual Reiki II training covers the same material in half the time, but it costs a little more. Contact Sea to arrange an appointment in West Orange.

For upcoming class dates, click here.
To register for a Reiki II class, click here.
To arrange for an individual Reiki II training, Email Sea at for an appointment.

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