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Experience Reiki FAQ

Below are some of the most frequently asked questions I receive. I will add to this list as new questions arise. Please also see Policies. If your question is not answered here, please contact me.

How much in advance do I need to register?
Classes are limited to 9 students each. Once a class is full I can put you on a waiting list (in case of cancellations) but I can't let you into the class. So you do want to register in advance if you can. Sometimes classes fill up a couple weeks before the class. Sometimes they don't fill completely and there are spaces remaining at the last minute. If you are registering by regular mail, please leave extra time. If you are registering online please try to register at least three days in advance to ensure I will have time to process your registration. If you need to register only a day or two beforehand, I will try to accommodate you, but I make no guarantees. In these cases you may have better luck if you warn me in advance by email that you plan to register late.
Is Reiki good for ___________ (back pain, fibromyalgia, depression, ulcers, anxiety disorders, arthritis, colitis, etc.)?
Reiki is not a substitute for medical attention. However, Reiki encourages deep relaxation, and offers comfort for those in pain. Although I cannot offer any guarantees, I have witnessed and experienced miraculous healings at the physical, emotional, and spiritual levels. Most of the time, however, Reiki appears to work in more subtle ways, increasing the speed and depth of healing, and helping prevent illness. I believe Reiki can be used for any physical, emotional, mental or spiritual dis-ease.

Can Reiki be used on animals?
Yes. In my experience Reiki works even more quickly on animals than on people. I suspect this is because animals are less likely to emotionally hold on to their dis-ease and pain.

If Iím attuned to Reiki, do I have to use Reiki on others?
In my Reiki I class I ask students to practice on each other. I believe itís best when each student has a chance to experience both giving and receiving the Reiki energy. But following the Reiki I class it is not necessary that you work on others. The foundation of a Reiki I practice begins with oneself. The more you heal yourself, the more healing potential you will have for others. People who heal themselves regularly with Reiki may find that they become a positive healing presence for others without even the benefit of touch. For many, being able to offer a healing hand to others is a great benefit of Reiki, but after the Reiki I class, you do not have to.

Where are your classes located?
I currently schedule classes regularly at Sakula Yoga Center in Metuchen NJ and at my home in West Orange NJ. For driving directions, please click here. Complete directions for West Orange classes are provided upon class registration. All locations have lots of parking available. The Metuchen location is within easy walking distance from NJ Transit train stations.

I am open to considering other locations for teaching Reiki. Please let me know if you know of a great space for Reiki classes or if you want to arrange a private class in your own location for your own group.

What kinds of people take your Reiki classes?
Lots of different people take my Reiki classes! Check out the class photos. Men and women, people from many different religious backgrounds, ages, ethnic groups, occupations, educational backgrounds, and even countries -- all have taken Experience Reiki classes. I do hold the classes in English, students should be in their late teens or older, and those younger than 18 should have parental permission.

What is your lineage in Reiki?
I'm so glad you asked! Some people talk about the U.S. as a tradition-free zone, but Reiki comes from older practices in which we honor those who came before us. For more about my lineage, please click here.

How long do I need to wait between attunements?
I suggest most students wait 3 weeks after Reiki I to receive Reiki II, 3-6 months between Reiki II and Reiki III, and a year between Reiki II and Reiki Master/Teacher training. This is because each attunement begins a process of healing within you. I suggest that you fully experience and integrate each healing process before moving on to the next. However, it is not dangerous to receive attunements more quickly.

Why donít you offer Reiki I or Reiki Master/Teacher classes on an individual basis?
I offer Reiki II and Reiki III Practitioner levels on an individual basis. However because Reiki I and Master Teacher levels require that students work on each other, I cannot offer individual classes at those levels. It is a matter of ensuring quality instruction. I do occasionally arrange private classes for those for whom my regular class dates or locations are not convenient.

Why the cancellation policy?
The cancellation policies are not there to penalize you. They are there because I have discovered that without them, I simply cannot run a business. Because I have class minimums and maximums, last minute cancellations may mean that I have had to turn other students away or that I have committed to holding a class that no longer has the minimum number of students. I do my best to accommodate people with genuine needs for change in plans, and try to be generous in offering class transfers whenever possible.

Can I just show up and pay on the day of the class?
You must register in advance. If you call a day or two before a class is scheduled, it is possible there may still be room in a class and that you will reach me in time for a last minute class enrollment. But if you know in advance that you want to take a class, please register online or via regular mail. This is because I hold strictly to class maximums in order to ensure class quality, and because I sometimes have plans on the weekend and will not be easily reachable right before a class.

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