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Class Registration

So glad to hear of your interest in Reiki!
I think you will find it a powerful step in your healing journey.

To Register for a Reiki Class in Toms River:
Click to email Grimoires & Alchemy
a super cool, witchy store in Toms River,
or call (732) 240-6047.

To Register for a class in Woodbridge:
Call the good folks at Journey:
(732) 636-8141

To Register for a Reiki Class in Long Branch or New Brunswick:
State: ZIP:
Phone #:
Date of Class:
1) Send a $30 deposit to hold your place. (Deposits are not refundable after two weeks before a class.) For payment options, click here.

2) Please email or send the following registration information:
which class (date) you are registering, name as you wish it to appear on the certificate, (snail mail) address, phone, and email address.

If you are paying electronically via paypal, please email the information. If you are paying by check or money order, please remember to include your registration information with your "snail mail" deposit.

3) You may then pay your balance in person on the day of the class or 24 hours before the class using PayPal's free and secure online credit card service.

Registration Information:
After receiving your registration, 1-2 weeks before the course, Sea will email you specific information on the class: where to go, what to bring, and how to prepare.

For information on how to prepare yourself for the class, please see Attunement Prep.
For directions, please see Driving Directions

Email Sea
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1999 C Lynn Carr